A very particular piano came is stock, the ATLAS A8F.
ATLAS was founded in 1960 with the technician Nishimura Takeshi at its core.
At that time pianos were manufactured under the supervision of professors and pianists
of the National College of Music and it is said that the Atlas pianos sound gets
better and better with the passing of time.

The walnut case has a shiny finishing that makes the beautiful grain of the wood stand out even more,
while the straight legs have a peculiar shape, void in the middle.

If looking at its parts one by one (Renner Hammers, Silver Pins, wood poles, wood center rail, six backposts)
it`s easy to notice that they are of the highest grade.
The percentage of wood used is high, allowing an excellent sound propagation.
If you are interested in, or want to know more about this piano, feel free to ask your sales contact person.

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